Well that is a very good question and I am so glad you have asked.

Technically I haven’t gone anywhere.  Still in Seattle.  But I have been rather absent here lately.  That’s not to say though that I haven’t been writing elsewhere.

My friend Jason Keath who organizes SocialFresh recently made a change to his site.  Among a re-design he also added several columns written by a variety of individuals in the industry.  I was honored to be included with such an amazing group of individuals including people like Wayne Sutton of TriOut, Justin Kistner of WebTrends, Matt Ridings of MSR Consulting, and John Rogers from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.  A few examples of me trying to keep up with all the smart kids in my column called “Bottom Line Social“:

Keep an eye out there for some great content from the other contributors and get a chuckle out of me trying to keep up. There will at least be a unicorn or pony every now and again. I’ll be posting there weekly as long as Jason will have me.  Every time he has to edit a post of mine I have a feeling my tenure gets a little shorter and a little shorter.

I’ve also been spending a bit of time writing for the GameHouse Blog.  If you are in to online games or casual games in general take a look at the blog for new product announcements, updates on whats going on at GameHouse and stuff I write just for fun – cause, well, they let me.

I thought when I took on all of this writing outside of this blog that it would make it even harder to find content to write here.  I was wrong.  The practice of writing more frequently has actually increased the amount of ideas I have. So I hope to channel all of these ideas soon and hopefully get some of them down on the screen here.

There ya go.  That’s where I’ve been.  What have you been up to?  What are you working on?