Today was an important day in the soda wars


@CocaCola reached out and said a “competitive” hello to @pepsi.

Coke Says Hello to Pepsi

Not only did they say hello, but @CocaCola actually followed @Pepsi.

An article, written by the instigator Iain McDonald (@eunmac) got the attention of people on Twitter and the move by CocaCola was broadcast out by the readers.

This is where I got involved.

I followed the link to this post from Twitter and subsequently got involved in a conversation with Mack Collier about the two companies as well as the Dr Pepper brand.

This resulted in @CocaCola actually responding to me.  Now, granted, it was not about the Coke v Pepsi issue, but they engaged none the less.  Apparently Coke even likes my blog :) #warmfuzzies

@CocaCola Likes My Blog #warmfuzzies

So at this point, Coke has engaged Pepsi, and I have engaged Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper.  Cause that’s what we do  in social media.  We socialize. Even with our brands!

You’re probably wondering now if @Pepsi had anything to say.  Well – it took them awhile to get around to it, but they finally responded with:

@Pepsi Says Hi To @CocaCola

These two extremely competitive brands are both socializing with their customers, but they’re also socializing with each other.  Will this trigger a change to how brands view their competition in the social media space?  Only time will tell.  This could end up being a catalystic event, or simply an interesting little moment in the Coke v Pepsi saga.  But it does lead us to considering what value/consequences/benefit could come from inter-brand socializing in social media.

Also, let the record show that @Pepsi is now also following @CocaCola on Twitter.  That’s some hot brand lovin’ right there!

Let us also, now look at how each of these brands engaged back with me after having mentioned each of them  (utilizing their Twitter account name so I’d be sure they caught it) several times.

@CocaCola interacted with me.  Several times.  After realizing that they were using CoTweet I took note of the initials that were on the tweets aimed at me (^AB).  I asked @CocaCola if ^AB had a personal account, and sure enough:

Coke Unveils The Man Behind The Curtain

So there you have it.  @adamcb is the man behind the curtain.

What did @DrPepper do?  They followed me.  Did they interact? Nope.  An auto-follow perhaps based on the usage of their username?  Quite possible.

What did @Pepsi do?  Nothing.  No auto-follow, no interaction.  Zip. Zilch.  Mkay.  If that’s how you play, that’s cool.  I won’t hate.  But I will say this:

Interact and WIN in Social Media!


July 01, 2009 9:45pm PST

I tweeted about this post and what should happen?  @DrPepper was very quick to respond in an awesome way!   Kudo’s guys!!