I moved into my new apartment yesterday! I do so hate moving, but this is a very welcome change of scenery. Literally *looks out window to Elliot Bay* My brother and his girlfriend were kind enough to come over yesterday and help me move in. Much to my delight they also decided to stay the night. As we often do when we get together we were up late chatting. My brother heard some weird noises coming from outside. We all opened the window and looked out to a patio two floors beneath mine where there was water gushing out. We could see shadows of people moving around so we knew that someone was aware of this ark-worthy flooding but ultimately, because of the hour, decided it might be best to wander downstairs to check on them. I’m never quite certain when its appropriate to step in to situations like this. Some people do not welcome help at all, while others handle it differently. This time we made the right decision by getting involved. When we got downstairs the entire hall way was flooded and the water was leaking into other apartments. It was now close to 3am so everyone in the surrounding apartments were asleep.

We knocked on the door and were greeted by two extremely freaked out tenants. Apparently they awoke to a burst pipe under the bathroom sink. They were doing their best to get the water out of the apartment but were still standing in about 3 inches of it. We quickly jumped in to help using brooms, towels…whatever we could get our hands on. The scary part was that they had electronic equipment sitting on the floor (in the water *facepalm*) and hadn’t yet unplugged it. They also hadn’t contacted the building maintenance people (*facepalmagain*). These kids were a wreck. They’re apartment was about to be a gigantic electrocution chamber.

A little old lady from across the hall brought over a stack of dish towels then had us help get her antiques and heirlooms out of a neighboring storage unit that had been flooded as well. Little brother called maintenance guy, while his girlfriend and I pushed out water and unplugged electronics. About 5am things were mostly dried off and it was time for bed.

Today I was thinking about everything that went down last night during this whole event. Apart from thinking about how I’d like to get some sleep, I also thought about learning when to trust yourself. Sound odd? Hang on…I’ll link it all up.

Sometimes the obvious answer to a decision that needs to be made presents itself. More often than not though, I find that it doesn’t. When this happens I/we/you are left to evaluate the situation and choose from the available alternatives. BUT….in one of those rare situations where the obvious answer or course of action presents itself it is so very important to listen. Your ‘gut’ knows what to do. Suddenly your heart and your head are in alignment. Now take action.

The reason this kind of all started resonating with me today had little to do with the flood last night and more to do with the course my life has taken over the last year.

Long story short:
Last year was first year of MBA program.
Networked my tush off to find internship.
Got a GREAT one doing SEO.
Didn’t know what SEO stood for.
Learned what SEO stood for.
Went to work and optimized away!
Fell in love with the industry and work.
Went back to school.
Got a job offer in the Fall doing something I knew I’d be good at, at an AMAZING company, but wasn’t ‘in love’ with.
School year goes by.
Several new and amazing opportunities come my way at the end of the year.
Hard decision presents itself.
Followed gut.

When I got the first offer my head and my heart were not in alignment. When the second offer presented itself it was if the heavens opened up and the choir was singing. I realized how wrong of a choice option one was by how right this new opportunity now felt. I immediately knew what I was going to do.

There were several people that were really encouraging me to take the first offer. They all made good points but I knew in my heart what was best for me. So, just like last night and the flood…I’m jumping in and hoping to make a splash! (Actually truth be told, last night I was trying NOT to splash!)

So, now, I’ve officially become one of those people  that love what they do.  I’ve managed to pair my passion with a paycheck because I trusted myself and listened to my ‘gut’ instead of other people.