When I was a little girl my mother was everything to me. She was magical. She was the strongest person I knew. She still is. I remember sitting on the closed toilet seat when I was little watching her get ready for work. Putting on her makeup and fixing her hair. She had hair down to her butt that me and my brother loved to play in during long car rides when she would swing it over the back of her seat to entertain us. My mom always went to great lengths to keep me and my brother entertained. I still remember every note of every lullaby and every word of every story book. She was constantly sacrificing her time, her life, her money, herself for me and my brother. I always knew we were the most important people in her life. Even above herself.

I first remember meeting my cousin Tish when I was about 8. I’ll never forget it. I was told to go into her room and introduce myself. I had been so excited about this for the entire trip up, but as soon as we arrived I froze. I walked into her room and said “hi”. In lower case. Cause that’s how you speak when you’re afraid. She asked “Do you know what my name is?” I replied, “Tush…?”. She laughed. My cheeks burned with embarrassment. She was so pretty and so much older and more mature than I was. I wanted to be just like her so badly. For the rest of our visit there I followed her around as much as she would allow. Later that visit I even asked my Aunt and Mother to chop my hair off and to please please please OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE give me a perm. Because she had one. You know – with the ratted bangs to boot. That’s how you did it back then you know.

These two women have been central to my entire life. They still are. I admire them. I want to be more like them every day. They are the rocks of our family. They are strong. They are beautiful. They are fighters.

Mom and Cousin relaxing together during a recent hospital visit

Over the last couple of years I’ve watched each of them struggle with cancer. My mother with several different varieties – one of which was breast cancer. She was the second woman in our family. My cousin was the third. God willing – the last. One thing that I’ve learned over the course of the “cancer years” is that the “treatment” we use to fight cancer is nothing short of barbaric. Sure – it’s our only resort. But that doesn’t make it any less inhumane. I dream of a time when not only are these treatments a thing of the past and we are able to look back proudly that we not only no longer must subject our loved ones to this torture, but more importantly that we find a cure for cancer. I’m not trying to sound all Miss America here asking for World Peace. I understand that it is an incredibly complicated disease and a “cure” is a very big thing. But I’m not so hopeless either that I don’t think if we pool our minds, hearts and (perhaps more importantly) our resources that we can’t get there.

When I was little my mom made sure I knew and believed that I could do ANYTHING I wanted if I put my mind to it and worked hard. I still know this is true. I live by it every day. This is why I am participating in Relay For Life. This is why I fund raise for this incredibly important cause.

This is why I am asking for your help.

Please, if you can and find it within your heart and ability, consider contributing to the cause. My team is racing in honor of my cousin, my aunt and my mother’s battle under the team name “WFCT (We Fight Cancer Together)”. We would love for you to be a part of that. If you’re unable to donate please consider sharing this so that others who are possibly moved to are made aware of this opportunity.




So, apparently I am the top individual fund-raiser in the Whatcom County Relay For Life. By a $25 margin. I know it’s not about winning. BUT COME ON!!!! How fun would it be to keep that lead. If we could get to $5500, which is the current goal, I bet I could keep it. What say you? Wanna help make me a winner, and Cancer a big fat loser???? #prettyplease

Help me make my mommy proud :)



Completely overwhelmed by everyone’s support. I CANNOT believe I’ve raised nearly $5,000. I’ve got that “OMG ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME” feeling running through my head every time I log in to my fundraising portal. You are all so sooo amazing.


That being said I still have time left so I’m not going to stop now. I’d love to get this over $5K in the next few days. Let’s tear down that wall and shoot for the moon shall we? :)



Yes I met my goal. Thanks to the lovely lovely people out there who have supported me. We are however, still a couple weeks from the Relay. I am going to continue to raise money. Why put a limit on such a thing amirite? There’s no limit on the amount of support that can be used.




You guys have blown me away. I’ve had to raise my goal 3 times now. From $125, to $400, to $1500 and now to $4000. I am completely overwhelmed by the support. Each time I open my inbox and see another one of my amazing friends has donated my eyes swell. If my biggest problem in this process is having to raise my goal repeatedly I think I’m doing just fine. :)

Thank you so much to all who have helped me meet and exceed my goal. I will keep raising money until the date so if we blow this one away, expect me to raise it again.

I love you all.

We Fight Cancer Together.


Thank you so much to those of you who have already donated. Your support means more to me than I can probably express in words.