I love asking and hearing what others plan for their New Years resolutions. It’s exciting to see their faces light up with optimism, confidence and hope. That’s when they inevitably turn and ask what mine are and the conversation awkwardly dies.  I’m an introvert guys – I never claimed to be good at this whole “conversation” thing.


You see, I don’t do resolutions. I used to, I stopped. The thing was is I’m a big believer in momentum. You have to capitalize on your own energy and momentum when you have the power. It’s an opportunity to seize. If you wait, or push it off for the New Year you’re just delaying your own satisfaction, success and progress. This is my thinking anyway.

So. That’s why I don’t do resolutions and why I would encourage you not to either. Momentum is huge. Capturing your own energy and building that into momentum is smart. Whether it’s getting fit, going dry, or even something professional in nature…momentum can get you started and keep you moving. If you wait for another day to get started or make progress you’re giving that momentum the chance to die on the vine. So, my philosophy has always been – why give myself the opportunity to fail. You jump on that ship as soon as it shows up.

Every day is an opportunity to do better and be better. Anyway, January 1 is really best set aside for resting and mimosa brunches.

Party safe everyone. I want you all around for all of 2015.