Well this has been put off long enough.

I’ve been meaning to start another site for quite some time and with graduation speeding at me like a train, no time like the present.

So…now that I’ve spent all day getting WordPress installed and screwing around with themes and just playing around in general I don’t have a ton of energy left in me for a full post.

Let’s leave it at an explanation of what I plan to do on this blog.  For the time being I’m going to use this site as a place to write about the things in the online marketing world I find interesting.  Occasionally I am sure, personal items will slip in.  That’s fine.  I’m sure you can deal.  Right now I am extremely passionate about social media and search engine optimization (seo).  Those two topics fill nearly all of my spare time.  With that said, this site will undoubtedly center around those areas.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way.  Let’s get on with it.