This year marked the ninth year of Gnomedex in Seattle.  For a variety of reasons, which I assure you are quite good, I was not planning on attending.  However that all quickly changed when my friend Jessica Randazza called me up and asked me if I wanted to head over to Chris Pirillo’s house to help them all prepare for the event.  I’m not the type to turn down a friend when they ask for help so off we went.

That was a start of my volunteer weekend at Gnomedex.  I met a ton of great people including Shauna Causey, Frank Eliason, Chris Brogan, Mona Nomura and on and on.  The content was of course amazing, but even better was the fact that Chris live-streamed the event for those that couldn’t attend, on his website.  The post-gnomedex networking and parties were top-notch as well.  Because, as most of you know, it’s what happens at the bar and in the parties that can really add value to your experience.  After all there is no Social Media without socialization

One of my favorite people on the planet is Jeremiah Andrick.  He is now the Online Customer Acquisition Manager at Logitech and had some shwag to give out over the course of Gnomedex.  One night while at a party he tweeted out a task and the first to complete the task won a set up UE 700′s.  If I remember correctly the task was something to the effect of “show me a picture that you have taken before tonight with you and me together”.  Having been to a bazillion (that’s an official number – I counted!) events together I thought for sure I could find a picture of the two of us quickly.  I failed.  I blame crappy 3G though since I was looking on Facebook.  Karianne Stinson came to my rescue though.  The preceding evening she had snapped a picture of the two of us on her camera.  She whipped out the picture, I grabbed it and ran over to Jeremiah…..and I WON!!!

Picture from Gizmodo Review

Picture from Gizmodo Review

I’ve been enjoying these bad boys for about a month now and they are simply awesome! Comfortable…amazing sound….almost complete and total noise cancellation.  Worth every penny for anyone who likes rich sound from ear buds and especially those who work in a noisy office.  Complete productivity shot in the arm!

Based on my experience at Gnomedex this year as a volunteer and awesome-ear-bud-winner I highly encourage you all to attend this event next year.  Great minds, great ideas, great talks and great networking opportunities!

PS Do not judge me for waiting a month to post this!

PSS Also, do not judge me for not writing more about the amazing content.  I know I have failed and don’t need you to tell me that :P