Between the IPO and the surrounding media frenzy, the big GM ad-pull out just prior to that, and random other uprisings over Timelines and features Facebook is in the spotlight a lot. Especially lately. Many companies rely on the platform as the cornerstone of their social marketing efforts. And now we’re public. Man…it seems like just yesterday *sniff* when we were poking each other and brand pages were just a twinkle in a social marketer’s eye *sniff*.

Even as someone who lives and breathes news and updates in the social space there has been a lot to digest. I was relieved when I saw Jason and Justin were hosting a webinar on all of the recent news – from IPO to GM and a lot of things in between.

If you were unable to attend in person – you can still check out the slides below.

If you’re just getting started running Facebook ads for your organization you’ll especially love the four foundational best practices outlined within:

1) Use many highly targeted ads, not one big reach ad

2) Target ads to fans for conversion. They click 7x more on ads than non-fans, which means cheaper CPC

3) Link ads to Facebook apps instead of websites because they get at least 2x the conversion rate

4) Refresh creative regularly because CTR tends to peak within 72 hours

If you’re looking for advanced Facebook ads based education you won’t want to miss the upcoming web-based conference from SocialFresh.

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