Long and probably quite awful title for this blog post right? Admitted. Plus. I totally made up “boldishness”.

Anyway. Here are a few things that I came across this week that caught my eye.

The first one is the launch of Gap’s new logo.

The new Gap logo

It’s, uhm….to put it mildly, AWFUL. There are some interesting conversations around this as Gap has no begun back peddling a bit, but that is another story for another place.

Hey Gap, here’s your NEW new logo.

The second is quite related. MySpace also has a new logo. Theirs is noteworthy for a severely different reasons. The new artsy looking abstract MySpace logo is interesting. I haven’t decided exactly how I feel about it. I’m leaning towards not hating it and thinking it’s pretty neat. Could be a little Aol.y. I think this one will greatly depend on its implementation to be honest.

New MySpace logo

The last thing that caught my eye this week is fun. And I just love it. Grover, ala Sesame Street fame, does a nice spoof of the Old Spice guy. <3

What do they all have in common? In my mind creative thinking. Perhaps, in some cases even risk taking. Bottom line is these three major brands stepped out of their comfort zone (quite) a bit this week. Love it or hate it – it got our attention and got us talking. Which in this day of over-saturation is a task in its own right. Kudos for being bold!